This is a selection of most of the events I have chaired or supported on behalf of titles, trade bodies or corporate clients in the last couple of years.

I have considerable experience of chairing events from short business briefings through roundtables and up to larges scale conferences, both in the UK and in Europe.


The impact of impact investment. Where do we go from here?, LGPS Live, 02 March 2022 

New year, new investment approach?, LGPS Live, 02 February 2022


Clear Path Analysis: Institutional Fixed Income Summit, 23 & 24 November 2021 (moderator)  

Clear Path Analysis: Money Market Users Forum, 23 November 2021 

Pensions Management Institute: PMI ESG & Climate Change Seminar – 10 & 11 November 2021 hybrid (online and in person) conference (chair/moderator) 

Cloud8: Re-thinking EB data in a post-Covid world, 25 May 2021, webinar (chair)

Insurance Investor Virtual | DACH 2021 Summit, 12 May 2021  (see sessions below)

PANEL DEBATE: Evaluating yields on traditional asset classes – are they still meeting return targets and what could potentially replace them moving forwards? (moderator)

FIRESIDE CHAT: Reflecting on a career of market cycles (interviewer)

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Effectively managing investment psychology within the investment decision-making process for more successful outcomes (moderator)

FT Live: Capitalising on opportunities in structured finance: Gearing up for a post-COVID recovery, 02 February 2021, webinar (moderator)


FT Nordic Investor Outlook 2020, 26 November 2020, online (moderator)


FT Nordic Investor Outlook 2019, 23 October 2019, Stockholm (moderator)

FT Live The future of de-risking: Investment strategies for risk transferring, 15 May 2019, London (chair)

FT Live Rethinking DC: Alternative strategies for better retirements, 27 March 2019, London (co-chair)


FT Live: The future of LDI and investing for DB outcomes, 05 December 2018, London (chair)

Aquila Heywood breakfast briefing on the merits of in-house vs outsourcing, 24 October 2018, London (chair)

Clear Path Analysis Fund Management Operations Summit, 20 November 2018, London, (co-chair)

Clear Path Analysis Insurance Asset Management Summit, 15 November 2018, London, (co-chair)

Aquila Heywood breakfast briefing on pension scheme derisking, 14 November 2018, London (chair)

Aquila Heywood breakfast briefing on technology strategies in LP&I, 24 October 2018, London (chair)

FT Live Investment Expert Stockholm, 17 October 2018, Stockholm (co-chair)

FT Live De-risking DB pensions: Investment strategies for risk transferring, 26 September 2018, London (chair)

FT Live Factor investing: Unlocking value from the true drivers of risk and return, 20 June 2018, London (co-chair)

Aquila Heywood breakfast briefing on wellness, 12 June 2018, London (chair)

FT Live De-risking DB pensions: Strategies for risk transferring, 26 September 2018, London (chair)

FT Live Investment Expert Copenhagen, 16 May 2018, Copenhagen (co-chair)

Cost Transparency Roundtable
Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association, 02 May 2018 (chair)

Self-managed buy-in seminar, Cass Business School, 02 February 2018, (panel session chair)


Rethinking DC – Alternative strategies to the default design, London
Financial Times Live, 21 November 2017 (chair)

The Meaning of Life 2 report launch, London
The Pensions Institute/The Phoenix Group (report author)
Pensions freedoms leave people with “little choice”, Financial Times, 20 November 2017
Pension freedoms cut consumer choice, report finds,, 20 November 2017
Pensions Institute’s latest report contains warning of potential crisis, International Investment, 20 November 2017
Storm brewing over UK pensions, International Adviser, 20 November 2017
Industry must abandon “fragmented approach to regulation” to avoid retirement crisis, Pensions Age, 20 November 2017
Pensions Institute hits out a lack of new products since freedoms, Money Marketing, 20 November 2017
Have pensions freedoms limited choice?, Money Marketing, 06 December 2017

Investment Expert Stockholm – Repositioning portfolios to generate returns, Stockholm
Financial Times Live, 18 October 2017 (moderator) 

Transition Management Roundtable 2017, London
Global Investor, 07 September 2017 (chair)

FT Live Innovation in DC: Unlocking pre and post-retirement options to maximise pension income, 08 June 2017, London (chair) 

Workplace pensions and savings breakfast briefing, London
Aquila Heywood, 24 May 2017 (chair)

Heritage business transformation breakfast briefing, London
Aquila Heywood, 24 May 2017 (chair)

International Payments Roundtable, The Savoy, London
Payroll World, 19 May 2017 (chair)

LDI: implementing flexible strategies for today and the future, FT HQ London
Financial Times Live, 11 May 2017 (chair)

The Future of DB Pensions – Westminster Roundtable Debate, Palace of Westminster
SEI, 22 March 2017 (chair)
Trustees need “more support and skills” to hold consultants to account, Professional Pensions, 22 March 2017
Better trusteeship key to any future DB plans, Pensions Expert, 23 March 2017
TPR to clarify duties for professional trustees, Professional Pensions, 23 March 2017


FT Live Value for money: Delivering returns for members in a low growth world, 23 November 2016, London (moderator)

FT Investment Management Summit Europe 2016, 27 September 2016, London (moderator)

FT Live LDI: Maximising efficiency and maintaining investment, 15 June 2016, London  (chair)